The site has been launched, but is still under development

Hello, dear visitors of our site. Today we would like to announce that the Map of Modernism project has been launched and is available from all devices. Prior to that, an archive of all modernist objects in Ukraine was collected almost alone for a year and a half. Also the website design concept and the website itself were developed. Now all the information is gradually being added to the site, supplemented with photos and other informative content.

For today the site has a beta version of the map with objects, a list of objects in the architecture category and a news section. All these sections will be supplemented and replenished gradually, so far only one person is working on the site.

We also going to add additional sections to the site.

Additional sections with objects

So far, there is only an architecture section on the site, but soon there will be sections with:

  • Monumental art (mosaics, panels, graffiti, bas-reliefs, etc.)
  • Monuments
  • Metro and high-speed tram stations
  • Artefacts (signboards of those years, interesting elements of street design, original stops, etc.)

If you want to supplement the site with your photos, objects known to you that are not listed on the map, you can use the Contacts section. There you can send data about the object through the form or by sending an email. Cooperation is also discussed by mail.


The current map view is very conditional, it needs links to object pages, pictures, filters by category.

We are looking for coders or website designers who understand Leaflet or other free map services and are ready to help our project. We are waiting for your suggestions by mail


Over time, a store with various interesting products related to the theme of the site is planned on the site. T-shirts with modernist objects, printed large-format maps with objects in cities, kits for creating models of objects, small paraphernalia like badges or key chains.

Also, perhaps, books, rare items, decor of the period of the 1960s-1980s may appear in the store.


Over time, many objects will be supplemented not only with basic information about the authors, years of construction and location. There will be full-fledged articles with the history of the creation of each object, an explanation of their artistic and material value.

Coverage of other regions

When we put the site in order, we will expand the geography of our objects. First of all, we will cover the Baltic States and Moldova.

Thank you for reading our website. We will be glad if you continue to use it for your own purposes. You can support us financially on Patreon or directly via bank card. You will find all this in the Support section.

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