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Map Modernism is the project about unique architectural style: Soviet Modernism of 1960s-1990s.

Territory of exploration — all Ukraine.

Our goal is to create a complete list of all the  significant objects of architecture, sculpture, design of this period and putting them on a single map.

The mission of the project is to preserve and respect the art of Soviet modernism.

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So why is it all valuable?

Today, the issue of Soviet modernism and a similar style — brutalism, is quite acute both in the East and in the West. In general, the arguments of the opponents of this style are similar: the buildings are outdated, economically unprofitable, and not in the best condition. Frequently these arguments are seasoned with ideology.

The situation is especially disappointing in post-Soviet countries, where many buildings after the change of economical formation simply ceased to be in demand according to their original plan. And we need to do something with this situation. After all, these objects are not just pieces of concrete or remnants of the past. They are something more than you can imagine.

More and more recently, buildings are being rebuilt, demolished, and interiors are being changed. Mosaics are destroyed and insulated. Monuments are simply destroyed instead of moving to museums!

Soviet Modernism is

1 History

These are buildings that are already 30 to 60 years old. They were the personification of their era, like old tenement houses or ancient churches. And the art of that time is sometimes even more unique than exhibits in art galleries. And all this also has the right for a second life, for a place in our public space.

2 People

These are architects, artists, sculptors, engineers, builders who created these objects with higher motives. These are our parents and grandparents who used these buildings, looked at these mosaics and bas-reliefs, met there, fell in love in these buildings.

3 Part of identity

These are buildings that have become symbols of cities, their irreplaceable parts. These are mosaics in which there is a clear national spirit that shows the features of the surrounding regions. These are unique techniques, these are local masters and scientists, this is real progress.

Every building, every object on this site must be preserved, restored and protected!